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Who is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits?

If you have an injury or illness caused by your job you may be entitle to workers’ compensation benefits, which are provided for you at your employer’s expense. The injury or illness may result from a single incident or from repeated or prolonged exposure to activities or substances at work.

With only a few exceptions all California employers are subject to State Workers’ Compensation laws. Most workers receive workers’ Compensation laws. Most workers receive workers’ compensation benefits from their employers’ insurance company. The rest receive benefits directly from employers who are self-insured.

Federal employee and persons covered under federal legislation have other benefits programs and should contact the United States Department of Labor.

Some union have negotiated "carve out" agreements to handle workers’ compensation injuries outside the workers Compensation system. Union members should check with their unions to make sure they do not fall into the exception.

How do I apply?

The first step is to report the injury or illness to your employer.

Your employer should give you a claim form within one working day after receiving notice of your injury/illness.

If your employer does not give you a claim form, you can obtain one by visiting any Division of Workers Compensation (DWC) office or by calling a toll free number 1-800-736-7401. The recorded information that you will receive by calling this number will allow you to leave your name and address to request any forms or printed information that you may need.
- Complete the claim form and give it to your employer.
- Your employer should give you a dated and signed copy of the claim form and send a copy of this form to their worker’s compensation insurance company.

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